Misquoting Mishaps

Ever heard of Bieber Fever? In case you haven’t, Justin Bieber is one of the hottest teen singing sensations at the moment and also one of the most criticized.

In a controversial interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Justin Bieber was asked  his opinion on sex, drugs, abortion and rape. These controversial topics caused uproar because these questions may be perceived as inappropriate for a 16-year-old boy and his answers were unfortunately misquoted.

Rolling Stone quoted Bieber as saying, “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.” But what Justin Bieber really said was, “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.” This misquoting led to many unpleasant discussions on Bieber’s behalf, causing him to seem insensitive to serious topics. This story ran on the most popular celebrity blog site, Perez Hilton.

Damage control for this kind of error is crucial for not only Justin Bieber but also any celebrity who is misquoted in an interview.  T.J. Walker of the Huffington Post says, “The rule I teach my clients is that when you are in a media interview, every single sentence and every phrase out of your mouth could be quoted in isolation so you have to make sure that each idea can stand on its own. Complex ideas in media interviews are usually dangerous for that very reason.”

It is the job of any public relations team or publicist to take charge in these situations and make sure the quote is correct and understood by the public. It is extremely important to media train celebrities in correct way to handle the easiest and the hardest interview questions.


Celebrity Public Relations

Tips on how to be one of the most wanted publicists in the celebrity world.

Celebrity public relations is a very competitive business and the stars do not want just anyone to help keep their names squeaky clean. In order to become a celebrity’s publicist you have to know the right people and have a way in with the media. Without connections to the media or other celebrities, landing your first client could be difficult.

According to associatedcontent.com, there are three ways to help boost your chances of promoting your dream client:

1.Speak up- the PR agent is the “voice of the client.” The publicist is in charge of keeping the name of the celebrity in good media stories and out of the bad media stories. Always continue to find new media outlets like newspapers, web sites and media contacts to work with so your voice is heard by more people.

2.Create a reality- If Hollywood wants a certain type of actor, that’s called typecasting or niche marketing. Once you find your “niche,” promote it with seminars and speaking engagements. Have a clear vision of how you want your client to be perceived because it will also reflect on you. PR is fun, but it can be very bad if you cultivate a poor image for your client and ultimately yourself.

3.Promote! – Everyone knows when a  huge star’s new movie is coming out. It is all over TV, radio, newspapers and web sites. The point is repetition builds awareness, which equals sales. Constantly promote and it will lead to great success (www.associatedcontent.com).

Just like celebrities, publicists are hungry for success and all it takes is hard work and thinking like a celebrity to maybe become the next big publicist!

Once established in this business, clients are the key to success. According to Dionne Mahaffey,  the contact list to celebrities is the “in”  to have in this industry. He explains that Ken Sunshine, celebrity publicist, does not have web sites or an industry contact list, but he does have a roster of A-list celebrity clients. These high-profile clients bring the media to him. Mahaffey says that his clients view him as a communications consultant, and he advocates for his celebrities to intrusive media. Mahaffey also encourages teaming up in this business and not just chasing top stars from the start. There are plenty of newcomers who may become huge celebrities one day (www.helium.com).

Having the next big PR firm is a tough dream to have, but if you utilize all the tools given, there could be a success in the future.