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New USF Baseball Stadium Improves Team and Fan Experience

The new USF baseball stadium creates a team dynamic that not only makes them play better but also brings more fans out than ever before.

Tampa, Fla– With the capacity to hold approximately 1,500 fans and an impressive 50- by- 57 foot scoreboard, the University of South Florida’s Gonzart Family Plaza was the backdrop for the Bulls encouraging series win against Big East competitors, Rutgers, in a recent three- game series (collegebaseball360.com).

The series win on April 8 through April 10 has boosted the confidence of the baseball team. During Friday’s game, the Bulls had quite the start with a 13-inning duel that ended with the Bulls winning 2-1. Saturday the Bulls didn’t have such luck, losing 11-6, but they didn’t let that defeat them, winning the last game 7-3 on Sunday for a series win (Gousfbulls.com).

Every team loves to win, but will the new stadium contribute to the Bulls’ new success on the field?

The players are certainly feeling a change in the team dynamic. Anthony Diaz, sophomore USF baseball player, said, “We play with more confidence at this field. It is one of the best playing surfaces we have played on. These other teams walk in here, and they are in awe because they are playing up north and are just now getting out on the field. We have this beautiful playing surface, beautiful cages and beautiful everything.”

The baseball players are not the only ones getting to enjoy this beautiful new stadium. The fans experience stadium seating, a better view of the score and game, and improved amenities such as better food and merchandise.

Caitlin Dauscher, long-time USF baseball fan and student, has come to baseball games ever since she was little, but nothing has compared to her experience at the new baseball field.

“The new field has helped bring more fans than ever before, making it feel like a real college game,” She said “Before, only a couple hundred would come out if we were lucky, and now close to a thousand come to most games.”

The 2011 USF Diamonds Dolls are finding the new stadium to be an easy place to promote the baseball program and create an exciting game day atmosphere for both players and fans alike.

“Our job comes even easier now because of the new stadium,” said Kristen Fox, a Diamond Doll at USF. “It was hard trying to get fans to participate in sideline activities or even getting fans to come to games before the new stadium was built. It definitely creates a new team dynamic as well as a new fan dynamic.”

The new stadium has officially opened new doors for the USF Bulls baseball program. With big series wins like the one against Rutgers and supportive fans to help cheer them on to victory, the Bulls have a lot to look forward to in the coming seasons.

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