Twitter Chat

The idea of doing a twitter chat was a foreign thought to me. I haven’t even really participated in the twitter world until this class. As I prepared myself for this chat I imagined what questions they would ask, who was asking them, and if I would even be able to give good, educated answers. I gathered my thoughts and entered into this uncharted territory.

I decided to participate via Tweet Chat and went into the #PRstudchat at 8:30 p.m. As I went into the forum, I noticed immediately how many people were responding to the current question. I awaited my turn because I wanted to answer the most current question.

One question I answered asked what are the best ways to measure social media success. I said by measuring retweets, tags, impressions, likes and etc. As I answered more questions, I felt more comfortable giving my opinion and even retweeting others posts.

Overall, I enjoyed time on the chat and learned a lot from other students, teachers and Public Relations professionals. i hope to participate in more as I think I can contribute even more as my knowledge grows about the PR field.





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