Manic Celebrities: Crazy or Genius?

The thing that makes the celebrity world so interesting isn’t the celebs’ actual careers but the crazy episodes a lot of stars seem to experience. From cocaine overdoses to hookers and many failed and disturbing marriages, Charlie Sheen seems to top them all.

Charlie Sheen, who is most famous for his starring role in Two and a Half Men on CBS, is all over the media right now: participating in interviews, recording his own webcast show and creating some of the most memorable quotes that are repeated constantly. This extreme behavior is not out of the ordinary for Sheen. Starting early on in his career he has had major drug problems. He also shot Kelly Preston and chased his most recent wife, Brooke Mueller, around their house with a knife threatening to kill her. These past incidences are terrible, and foreshadowed what will come to be one of Hollywood’s most notorious meltdowns ever (

Most would think that this kind of behavior would affect his career in the worst way possible but in some aspects his breakdown may be a genius move. Although he was fired from his TV show in which he made $2 million an episode, he is making money and headlines with his interviews, webcast, and now upcoming tour. Sheen may think this is a smart move now but soon the hype will phase out.

Charlie Sheen’s publicist quit on him recently but any publicist would do his best to manage the damage Sheen has done. Publicists can’t do that though unless the client allows them too and from the looks of things, Sheen didn’t. Sheen should follow some simple PR rules to help make his image a little better if he is going to be his own publicist. According to Hanley Freeman, writer for The Guardian, celebrities in Sheen’s predicament should not talk to the public directly through podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They should limit talk show appearances, unlike what Charlie Sheen has done, and ditch any extra people who are just along for the fame that comes along with a manic meltdown (


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