Facebook in PR

Facebook has shaped the future for public relations. New technology is always changing mass communications but these new ways of constant promoting and branding have created a new path for a publicist to create an image for an organization.

According to Jeremy Porter, a blogger for Journalistic.com, Facebook is a great tool for media relations because:

1. It Promotes Organizations- Groups created on Facebook are a great way to manage communications, post an event calendar, or provide additional networking benefits. Also, Facebook Groups can be a powerful tool for marketing and growing your organization for free. There are more than 350 million active Facebook users around the world, so there is a good chance users will join your group.

2. Leads Community Outreach Programs- Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages are both great for cause marketing efforts. It helps mobilize your cause and keep people informed on how to get involved who are fans of the page.

3. Builds Brands- You can create a Facebook Page to manage all your marketing. It would be hard to find a brand without a Facebook Page these days. If you have a brand, you need a Facebook Page. There is no better free investment to organize your most loyal viewers around your brand. You can regularly share information with your fans through a Facebook Page. They’ll learn more about your organization, than through any other social media website.

Facebook is the new PR tool that is being used just as much as press releases and websites. It is a quick, easy and free way to reach the audience you want and brand your organization.


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